Window Glazing & Graphics

Window Glazing & Graphics


Window graphics are a great way to take advantage of glass surface, prints can be installed on the interior or exterior of the glass depending on your requirements. UV over laminate to external applications ensures your investment will last the test of time and protect the image from UV breakdown, discolouration and abrasion.

Digitally printed window signage – Graphics are digitally printed onto optically clear 3M vinyl, or onto a range of frosted film and translucents. We also provide One-way prints, which allow light to enter the building along with the ability for staff and customers to view externally while providing privacy, safety and security.

Patterned frosted films – Take frosted film to the next level with electro-cut patterns on various frostings and vinyls, and combine with digital print for extra creativity.

Window frosting – Add some class and professionalism by decorating your windows with custom cut, custom designed frosted graphics. While not completely opaque or transparent, Frosted Windows allow light and shadow to pass through for added privacy. 

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